Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Protea magnifica

Protea magnifica has the second largest flower head after Protea cynaroides, the King Protea. The Queen Protea is one of the most attractive and sought after proteas.  No picture can describe how beautiful and fluffy it is, with its variable forms and colours in nature and its rounded bushy form. This protea will look great in any environment.

It is cultivated as a cut-flower for the export market because of its excellent cut flower characteristics of having long stems, long lasting flower heads and a good vase life. The air and sea freight ability is very good therefore it has remarkably high economic potential, as regular enquires from all over the world attest. It is considered the most prized cut flower in the trade, as its flowers can  last very long and looks great in dried flower arrangements.

Protea magnifica is a spectacular garden shrub in many situations. It requires good drainage and will not do well in damp, humid gardens.  It prefers to be planted in full sun and must have good air circulation.

It is an easy plant to grow in well-drained acid soils and can tolerate frost till about -8 ÂșC and can withstand some wind, but may show signs of foliage burn from excessive salt winds. They do not grow well along coastal ranges that are covered with moist fog through the year.

Do not disturb their roots as protea roots are very susceptible to infection if they are tampered with. Proteas are light feeders that adapted to very nutrient-poor soils and will die with the use of strong fertilizers and manure.

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