Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clivia bulbs

Clivia miniata  commonly known as the bush lily or Natal lily is easy to grow in pots.

The world started loving clivias in the beginning of the 1800s when specimens were sent to England from Kwazulu- Natal. It was then a very popular indoor plant in Europe and England, and is still an interest and loved plant by many gardeners.

These indigenous bulbs with their lovely shaped leaves and spectacular heads of trumpet-shaped to tube shaped flowers put them among our most attractive bulbous plants and form part of the Amaryllidaceae family .

The first clivia to be described was Clivia nobilis (1828)
Clivias have become popular in recent years, especially with all the beautiful cultivars of various colours found. Some of the harder to find types have become collector's items.

Clivia cultivar with yellow centers, cream to salmon tips

Clivias thrive in shaded spots in the garden.

Clivia miniata loves growing in shade

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