Friday, June 21, 2013

Fab 5 - orange flowers

It's winter now and what's better to brighten up the garden and your homes with orange flowers. Orange is such a nice warm colour for winter and will make any environment look and feel cosy. My fab 5 orange flowers will defiantly be the colour you looking for this winter, these 5 are nice garden plants and cut flowers, attracting wildlife in the garden and lasting long in the home.  

Proteas are lovely flowers to have in your garden and as cut flowers for the house because they flower for long periods and even look nice when they dried out.


Everybody is familiar with roses, they come in loads or colours and varieties, I love how this one had a bit of yellow in it, and looks so nice with any greenery added to it.

 Orange and blue flowers in summer, indigenous to South Africa. They attract birds and butterflies into the garden as well.

  These plants form part of the protea family, their orange flowers last long and attract numerous birds.

 Aloes are one of my favourite succulents because when they flower in masses they look absolutely
magnificent. they very hardy plants and fit  well in rock gardens as well.

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